Wood Turning from Tree to Table: Bowls, Lamps, & Other Projects

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An interesting and detailed explanation of the complete process of woodturning from freshly cut wood. Beginning with an explanation of how to safely harvest trees, the reader is taken through green-turning and sealing for the curing process, finish-turning, completion of their bottoms, and the final finishing. All the steps are illustrated and explained. A gallery gives many ideas of how to use the leftover and extra stock that otherwise would make its way to the fireplace or woodstove. This is great book for the environmentally conscious turner concerned about killing too many trees for woodworking. And all turners, no matter what their skill levels happen to be, will like the way it shows how to completely use the less-than-excellent stock to make many bowls and other turned articles for utilitarian use. This is definitely a "green" book in the best sense of the word.

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