XL Natural Antler Ulu

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Ulu History: Ancient ulu blades were usually made of slate. The handles were made of bone, wood, ivory or antler, and often become works of art in the hands of skilled carvers. Ulus were used for cutting meat, splitting hides and making clothing. The materials have changed but the semicircular design that made the ulu so versatile and easy has endured. Even today many Alaskans prefer the ulu for its efficiency and ease of use. 

Care and use: Wash ulu carefully by hand in mild detergent and warm water. Please be advised never to wash in the dishwasher. Rinse well, wipe clean, store on base in dry area. 

Uses include: Chop and trim meats, skin and fillet fish, chop vegetables and slice pizza. Use your imagination!

These ulus have an XL handle and base handcrafted by Wayne Hunt of Copper Center, Alaska. Each ulu handle is made from Caribou or Moose antler. Antler type and style will vary. 

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