Fall Equinox Upon Us, Leaves Dropping & Signs Going Up

The Fall Equinox (September 21) brings mixed feelings here in Interior Alaska. A mourning that our intense summer of non-stop light is over, and the wondering if we got everything done, took full advantage, sat in the light long enough. But it also brings a comfort, as we lean into the cooler temperatures, add on another layer, and watch the leaves change and slowly drop. The yearning for darkness, lighting candles, flickering of fires, and a cozy-ing in for the upcoming winter is here. 

Our environment is built on extremes. The extreme of the non-stop Midnight Sun of summer and the extreme of a 6 month winter full of freezing cold and mostly darkness. Our equinoxes our unique, and fast. Fall is fleeting here, so enjoy it while you can before the bright colors turn to browns, and finally white. 

While the leaves are dropping we finally saw something go up this week that has been a long time coming. Our nearly 30 year old road sign came down in stages over the 2019/2020 winters, giving way to age and some decent wind in our area. Man-power challenges keep us sign-less until just this past week, when our much improved sign was finally lifted up and now better than ever. If you have ever visited you will remember a somewhat non-descript brown building, not one to exactly grab your eye. Our road signs are critical to reminding those who drive by of our presence. Because we know if we can just get a customer in the door, the store will take it from there.

What else does the change of season have in store for us? We just moved to seasonal winter hours, closing an hour earlier every day, but still open 7 days a week. We are opening our doors to First Fridays again starting in October, and beginning to invite local makers to join us on Saturdays thru the holidays. Our pumpkin and apple bowls are hitting their "peak freshness" and soon you will see some laser engraved with jack-o-lantern faces. Our subscription box "Fall Equinox" edition has been shipping out. The store continues to see new products and slowly say goodbye to vendors who retire and close down permanently. Such is life, such is fall.

Wherever you are reading this, we hope that the Fall Equinox is kind, and a reminder of the seasonal transitions upon us. And we hope that if you are ever in Fairbanks, you can stop by and see these great new signs in person.

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