First Snow, Fall Break & Accepting Winter's Approach

Growing up in Fairbanks, if we made it to the first of October without snow it was kind of a big deal. Our Halloween costumes had to be sized to fit over full snow suits and boots, and parents drove in cars behind us while trick or treating so we could warm up every few houses or so. Now, with the climate changes seen all over the world, Interior Alaska sees a much more traditional fall season, at least by our standards. Our boys easily trick or treated last year with only an extra layer or two in our "balmy" weather--which makes for a much bigger candy haul when the risk of frostbite is low to non-existent!

The first flakes of the year fell on October 9th, on our way to the airport for brief fall break to Juneau, Alaska our capitol city. We had just wrapped up our October First Friday with the lovely Sarah Crowley, of Denali Park's Raining Joy Arts (check her out!) and were on to the next family adventure. A promise made to twin boys when they were born that they would know their home state, and we in turn could enjoy some off the path adventures with them. Only a place like Juneau could make five days of rain ridiculously beautiful.

We took the tram up the mountainside nearly 2000 feet, hit up the end of the season sales at local gift shops, and ate crab by the sea. The boys became official Junior Rangers at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center and got to walk through a real Alaskan rainforest. While watching the last of the massive cruise ships come and go, we beach combed for sea glass and derelict gold mines (found some of each). It was a quiet trip; many places having already closed for the season. But lovely to see again and this time thru little eyes. 

I kept thinking about that snow though at home and to be honest I wasn't ready for it, staying stubborn to the idea that it would not stick and be gone by our return. It was mostly gone, but the last of the leaves were too, bringing an end to the vibrant colors of autumn. It is a funny time where our brains play a game of "is winter really upon us?"---and now, I think we are close. The weather app is expecting some snow in a few days followed by a clear drop of daily temperatures of at least ten degrees. For those following at home that is in the 20f range during the day and teens/single digits at night. Winter is indeed, coming. 

With the weather changes the shop continues to change too! We are adding more holiday and winter items specifically coffees, ornaments, knit hats, handwarmers, and cards. All while restocking up for what is hopefully another "buy local" Christmas. Some small improvements are also happening! New flooring, sink and vanity are going into our little customer restroom, and new shelving displays are planned to go in by Thanksgiving. So, take a peek around next time you are in and ask what is new. We can't wait to show you.


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