Into the Darkness of November

Time goes by a little differently as we approach winter's peak darkness here in Interior Alaska. Pressure seems to be on with more and more special events here at the shop and in our own lives with two not-so-little 7 year old boys.

We continue to update displays in the store, even today adding three giant light up snowflakes to the exterior of the building, bringing light to the dark. We are also prepping my favorite Great Alaskan Box (our quarterly subscription box) of the year, the Winter Solstice box. It will mail out in early December, full of light giving goods, and things to warm and nurture us through the winter. Grab one if you are curious, you won't regret it!

It is an exciting somewhat nervous time. With economic and world challenges around us, we are always hopeful that what we offer will still suit customers searching for gifts around us. I am so proud of the work we have done in the last two years, and know the best is yet to come!

I included a picture of a little crab apple tree in our front yard with this blog--icy and frozen in time. The boys and I ate a few before they froze solid and I hoe to see them gone at some point this winter, a snack for our neighborhood moose. The same fate our jack-o-lanterns and fall pumpkins will face, frozen solid and waiting for December when Christmas decor kicks them off the front porch. 

We are filled to the brim with hopefullness and anticipation of the coming Thanksgiving holiday, December's magic, and for us the return of the light. We wish you all a peacful and thankful week and look forward to our visit again next month.



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